Top 5 Unique Uses of Mild Or Hot Giardiniera

So, you have not tasted giardiniera yet? Well, that is all right because millions of people have not, but then again, millions have & they’re singing the praises of this unique Italian style condiment.

Giardiniera is an Italian term that loosely translated means “from the garden,” and a garden is what you will discover when you open a jar of this mouth-watering garnish. Though styles & recipes of giardiniera vary, most include a banquet of hot or mild peppers, celery, carrots, pitted olives, and even cauliflower.

Both hot & mild varieties are available. Don’t let the term “hot” worry you though. While there is a certain kick to the hot style, the heat is not so irresistible as to numb your taste buds.

Here are five unique uses for mild or hot giardiniera that are certain to liven up your meals…

Frozen Pizza:

We’re usually aficionados of good frozen pizzas, but let’s face it, sometimes they’re a little lacking. Before putting the pizza in the oven, spread 2 or 3 fork fulls on top & let it bake in. You have just added a whole new dimension to your pizza!

Pita Sandwiches:

Pita sandwiches are in trend these days as they’re easy to handle & eat. Mix in some hot giardiniera for an entirely different taste. It especially livens up chicken salad or tuna.


While mixing the meat, add some hot giardiniera. You will never hear meatloaf is boring again. The blend bakes together & produces a unique taste that’s lively & vibrant.


Using the same concept, add your giardiniera alongside all the other ingredients before placing in the oven to bake. The taste mixes ideally with a little creamy texture of a chicken or tuna casserole.

Scrambled egg:

When it comes to breakfast, it is the perfect eye-opener. Just mix it in while the eggs are cooking. You’ll love a fork full of hot giardiniera folded into an omelet or melded into eggs.


Your culinary imagination only limits the use of hot giardiniera. If you usually use it only on Italian beef sandwiches, try it in one of our five suggestions and see how it taste.

If you have never tried hot giardiniera, please try it now. This traditional Italian style condiment will infuse a zesty accent to any meal.

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